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Process of Rigid Boxes Manufacturing

Types of Paper Rigid Boxes Drawings-01.j

What is Rigid Boxes?

Paper Rigid Boxes is made of strong paperboard for protect your products like Mobile phone, electrical goods or luxury products. Most of entrepreneur's choosing this type of rigid box for their luxury products and give unboxing experience to their end-user!

Rigid boxes are value-added goods for your products! Mobile, Shoe, Garments, Electrical, industry selling the products with this type of paper rigid boxes... 

Paper Rigid Boxes are three times stronger compare with mono Packaging.  rigid boxes convey a sense of prestige, luxury, elegance, and quality, and are ideal for smaller, high-end items such as jewelry or electronics.

Many consumers even keep and reuse rigid boxes long after the original purchase, and thus providing excellent opportunities for long-term product/brand recognition. Paper Rigid boxes often have removable lids or may even contain embedded magnets, they are generally easier to open and reseal than folding cartons.

How to Make Rigid Boxes?

Paper Rigid Boxes Manufacturer-03.jpg
Paper Rigid Boxes Manufacturer-02.jpg
Paper Rigid Boxes Grooved Cardboard 
Corner Tapped Paper Rigid Boxes
Paper Rigid Boxes Manufacturer-04.jpg
Outer Wrapper  & Inner Board Positioning

Finished Boxes

Paper Rigid Boxes Manufacturer-05.jpg

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