About us - Why Boxpert?

Our Vision:

To become the One-step solution for all the Printing and Packaging needs across various domains.

Our Mission:

Most of the well-established products use to face a crunch in the market due to poor packaging model. Most of our competing companies are supporting only the high volume clients

Hence:- We @ Boxpert after analyzing and understanding the feel and the need of the makers, stepped into the manufacturing process to accommodate needs like, from the scratch of challenging model creations till the delivery of the goods to the shelves. It becomes our passion to deliver the Xpert service especially, to the first generation entrepreneurs, even the total volume per production-cycle use to be in thousands

Core Values:

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Integrity And Ethics

Simply put, the two principles of integrity and ethics translate into doing the right thing in an honest, fair, and responsible way. 

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Without dedicated employees, a company is nothing. Committed employees would result in Quality goods and Customer Satisfaction.



(Not Imitation)

Companies that focus on being ahead of their competitors and introducing new ideas in the marketplace follow the principle of "innovation” - not imitation.

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The thirst to constantly improve can be achieved through catalyst.

The Work Culture

Drive to deliver with Innovation and Tech is the inducing mechanism behind our operations, which led us to Design, Develop, and Deploy the packaging solutions and services with 100% quality of our each project.

In line with it, the core responsibilities of each role are fabricated in such a way that it only leads to Customer Satisfaction.

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Our young and energetic work - family (the crowd of production team) used to be part of all the discussions like requirement gathering till the dispatch so that every team from Purchase till dispatch clearly aware of the customer’s need and even they use to get in touch with the customer directly when required. This will help us to achieve zero error processing and also leads to intrapreneurship across the entire unit. 

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The Family

360 Degree Printing and Packaging Solutions

We are engaged in manufacturing of Rigid box, Mono-Carton boxes, Corrugated total packing boxes, Brochures, Leaflets, Diaries, Tea table books, Paper board display stand, and Corporate Profile Printing.

Box Xpert caters to the wide range of industries which are - Packaging Industries, Super Markets, Cash & Carry, Shopping Malls, Retail Showroom, Hotel & Motels, Medical Stores, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing Industries, Garment Industries and Gift boxes too.

A to Z Packaging Solution
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We believe in individual performance and environmental goodness, the persons who engaged in a process should demand the team mates and rest will be assured quality results. Even the work planning also scheduled by the team. They just stretch and scalp the working hours and spent their entire weekends too to complete the schedule. The self-aligning backup teams would get into picture when the regular team members took comp-off. Of course, yes specialized products requires specialized skilled personals to deliver the commitments. 
Once try to leave your stress with our teams which would be transformed into fruitful results. 

The Performance team:

Team Work

Reliable Partners

Our employees are our first stakeholders. Only Quality products are our routine.

As a Dream comes true, we are based out of Sivakasi, the printing Manchester of India, where one can find all the experts of various process of box making like Printing and reverse Printing technology, Thermal and Cold foil Printing, UV applications, Met-Pet Printing, and especially Laminations. Those experts also part of our venture, those who do magic in box making. With their expertise each department becomes our First Shareholder. They do cater each steps without any flaws which make us reliable partners of our customers. 

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We use FSC Certified Papers for our products, also we can provide best quality vegetables inks for print where necessary. 

Go Green… Stay Safe

Quality System - No Bargain in Quality

Our many Employees have 10+ experience in printing & Packaging field so they know quality is always ultimate route for success. No bargain in quality, Just try the products and get the best quality products with us!

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Just try and experience the wonderfulness of service.