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Premium Cup Cake Boxes

Quality Boxes for Cupcake Box

Cupcake Boxes in India

Are you looking for the right packaging to increase the value of your Cupcakes?

Over the years of experience and out of passion, our experts have developed various options for Cupcake boxes that will fulfill all your expectations.  We have designed these boxes with premium quality Kraft paper and white paper materials, which are perfect for bakery, hotel, and restaurant businesses. We offer different sized cupcake boxes to pack 3, 6, 12, and 48 pieces of cupcakes. These boxes use to be made up of three particles namely, a cardboard base, a holder for the cupcake, and one transparent plastic cover. It is easily foldable and does not need any type of glue for its mounting.

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Standard Cupcakes

Customized cupcake boxes that are designed to carry your cupcakes for your most important customer. In Boxpert, we believe Boxes are just not boxes, it provides value for your great products. Our Cupcake boxes are a value-added product and not an expense. Boxes will help you with your brand recognition. These boxes come with cavities, which hold your cupcakes securely.

Cake Box Manufacturer in Sivakasi

We have designed these boxes in such a way that, you shouldn’t worry/fear about whether your cupcakes are safe with these boxes? or will it smudge them, like that.

If you choose our boxes then you can leave your worries with us. Our team has developed the cupcake boxes with cavities and holders which prevent your cupcakes from spilling over. Our Cupcake Boxes are made of high-quality material and food-safe materials that ensure that your cupcakes do not get moist and stay fresh for a longer time.

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Shop your Cupcake boxes for small, medium and large brownies boxes

You can choose your boxes from various sizes as well as custom-designed options based on your requirements. There is a wide range of bakery boxes available which includes cake boxes, chocolate gift boxes, hamper boxes, tiered cake boxes, and other confectionery boxes. Buy mini cupcake boxes, top-open cupcake boxes, and more options to choose from our designs.

Having good and strong boxes is a great way to increase expectations of your cupcake unboxing experience. Designed for Super easy to assemble and flat packed for easy storage. Showcase your cakes in a box that won't take away the attention from your cakes. Preserve the structure of your cakes. Finish off with a custom design label. Place the order at your doorstep comfort (Online order processing), own it!

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