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Boxpert - Managed Packaging Portfolio (BMPP)

Work Together Succeed Together

7 Benefits of BMPP

 #1. Less investment, greater profit

Since we already have staff, production facilities, equipment, and materials, the manufacturer do not have to invest in any of these things or bear the operational and maintenance costs associated with packaging machines. The money saved can be channeled into increasing their production.

Also, we have learnt expertise in packing of the products for each vertical, we assure you that your products will be in-sync with the latest packaging trends. Ultimately, it will directly benefit in cost and energy saving which can be redirected to you production line.

#2. More flexibility

It is often the case that the manufacturers are unable to experiment with packaging options due to a lack of infrastructure, machines and / or a creative team. By opting for BMPP, you can easily determine different packaging options for your products with plenty of flexibility. This not only saves money, but also helps in boosting product image and company credibility.

#3. Quicker output

Another benefit to using BMPP services is increased rate of output, especially if manufacturers include these services from the very beginning of the product development process. This allows us to easily roll out the packaging work as soon as the product is created, thereby reducing lead-time.

#4. Best option for short-term / seasonal packaging

Many businesses aim for seasonal packaging that is creative but also cost-effective. It doesn’t make much sense for them to use their own staff and facilities for these types of short-term requirements. That’s where BMPP come in. As experienced professionals, we have the ability to understand the specific packaging requirements, and offer the most effective and budget-friendly packaging solutions for whatever the occasion.

 #5. Reduces need for manpower

Once you opted for BMPP services, you can easily downsize your workforce, cut costs associated with training, maintaining and upgrading machinery, as well as eliminate facility fees. This not only helps you save on your investment, but also improves the efficiency of your organization.

#6. Optimization of manufacturing process

We can also offer value-added services such as bar coding, thermoforming, contract sewing etc. This makes it possible for you to optimize complex, high-end manufacturing processes. Also, all attention can be directed toward advancing manufacturing techniques, thereby creating a competitive edge.

#7. Guaranteed sustainability

Most organizations are working toward manufacturing products and rendering services that contribute to building a sustainable work environment. When it comes to packaging, there is a good chance that it may difficult to come up with or invest in sustainable resources. On the other hand, we can also provide sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions without being a financial burden through this BMPP services.

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